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APRIL 7, 2016

Helmed by former Anchor Bay execs Rob Herholz and Susan Curran, UFE sets sights on global Toronto, ON – United Front Entertainment (UFE), a new film distribution and development company, has launched in Canada. UFE will be run by leading industry executives Rob Herholz and Susan Curran. UFE’s vision is to streamline the production and distribution processes with existing incentives in the Canadian film industry to effectively deliver successful content.

“We look forward to supporting our domestic and international filmmakers and sales agents. There is a need for a new well-funded and innovative distribution company, and UFE will fill the current void in the Canadian distribution landscape,” said Rob Herholz, Founding Partner and CEO, United Front Entertainment.

“The possibilities are endless,” continued Susan Curran, Founding Partner and President of Marketing and Development, United Front Entertainment. “I couldn’t be more pleased to move ahead with our amazing team to acquire, promote and deliver world-class content.” UFE will develop, create and acquire content to distribute across all Canadian media platforms and retail sectors. The emphasis is working with producers and strategic partners to acquire and sell commercially viable films.

Herholz joined Anchor Bay in 2003, serving as its Managing Director from 2010-2016. In this role Herholz oversaw all aspects of the Canadian operations, including sales, marketing, legal, operations and acquisitions. Curran arrived at Anchor Bay in 2004, where she served as Executive Director of Marketing and Acquisitions. During their tenure at Anchor Bay, their content portfolio consisted of programming such as the massively popular Walking Dead, Spartacus and Black Sails franchises. As big supporters of Canadian filmmakers and producers, their catalogue also consisted of the award-winning series Durham County, original horror classic Black Christmas, family favourite Against The Wild and an extensive catalogue of successful, award- winning Canadian independent films. In addition, the UFE team has handled fitness, anime, children’s programming and horror products with equal success.

The UFE philosophy is to capitalize on all available rights in the Canadian and international distribution markets. The emphasis is working with producers and strategic partners to acquire and sell commercially viable films to audiences across all platforms, including retail and broadcast leaders such as Rogers and Bell Media, Walmart, Best Buy, HMV, Amazon, Entertainment One, iTunes and Netflix.

About United Front Entertainment:

United Front Entertainment (UFE) is a new Toronto-based innovative full service Canadian film distribution company. UFE develops, creates and acquires content to distribute across all Canadian broadcast platforms and retail outlets. For more information, please

Website: www.unitedfrontent.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ufefilms
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/unitedfrontentertainment
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/unitedfrontent

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